How We Help

For Project Developers

Track Record

A Strong Land Ownership Platform

Renewable Finance Company’s principals track record includes real estate acquisition, power plant development, finance and construction of over 1000 MW of installed renewable energy capacity. With almost $5B of invested capital over the last fifteen years.

The company’s principals originated the largest portfolio of wind and solar project land in the United States with almost 4GW’s of assets from wind and solar energy developers, landowners, and operators.

Our track record of successful operational renewable projects also can be utilized by customers to assist in the development, permitting, and project finance support for renewable developers.

Renewable Finance Company also works with solar, wind and other renewable energy project sponsors and development companies to deploy investment capital for late stage or operational renewable projects.

Higher Value, Lower Taxes

RFC funds the land acquisition and the financing is provided through traditional methods. This long-term leaseback increases the ITC and depreciation value while decreasing the income taxes paid over the project’s lifetime. The result is a project that requires less capital to be raised from higher cost sources (traditional project equity) by raising more capital from lower-cost sources (RFC & tax equity).