How We Help

For Landowners

Over the last fifteen years RFC management has worked with thousands of landowners to maximize land use for renewable energy across the United States. We have been involved in lease negotiations on behalf of landowners and developers using this experience to optimize value for landowners and project developers.

Do you have a lease already? Is the project under construction or operational?

Renewable Finance Company also has innovative solutions to turn renewable energy ground lease payments into an upfront, lump sum pay out utilizing a streamlined, straightforward process.

Have you been approached to lease your property for wind or solar development?

If you have let RFC help you navigate the complicated land use issues that these projects will create on your land. The principals of RFC have negotiated hundreds of leases over almost a million acres in the US. Your local attorney can help, but to maximize your revenue and rights under the lease let RFC assist you in these complex land use issues.

How We Can Help

Evaluate the value of your lease agreement

Estate Planning & Retirement

Finance the purchase of additional land

Pay down debt

Re-deploy cash to a core business

Improve your liquidity

Assist landowners in receiving maximum property value

Our Clients

Landowners hosting renewable energy projects on their property

Community wind/small wind project owners

Wind project operators

Operators, developers, and owners of solar arrays from 250kW up to hundreds of MWs

Lenders/financial advisors

Real estate agents


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Pay Off Debt


Renewable Finance Company provides solutions for landowners who want to pay off debt, create long term wealth, acquire more land – tax free, or re-invest into their core business. Renewable Finance Company will purchase your renewable wind/solar ground rent payments with an upfront lump sum payout.